About Us

Welcome to the Pentathlete Club website. For Modern Pentathlon related content, training and event updates.

Our aim is to promote the disciplines of the Modern Pentathlon making it accessible to all. We are based primarily in Hertfordshire, but cover the East of England and Home Counties.

Our experienced coaches provide enjoyable training for all abilities, beginners to elite athletes of all ages. Weekly group training ‘in person’ or ‘online’ along with one to one training if requested. We organise Modern Pentathlon related training events and competitions. In accordance to the guidelines of Pentathlon GB framework, Laser Run, Biathlon, Triathlon Tetrathlon etc.

The Modern Pentathlon is a Multi Sport made up of 5 events. Riding, Swimming, Fencing, Shooting (Laser Pistol) and Running.

Children should be exposed to as much sport as possible from a young age, specialising later as they reach their teens. The dynamics of Modern Pentathlon compliments sports development, mental strength and fitness. It is ideal for children to keep active and try different things. It is also a great way for any person of any age to keep fit in an enjoyable way.

The Modern Pentathlon can be broken down into several different events, most people start into the world of pentathlon by doing a Biathle or Aquathlon which is a Swim & Run event. The Laser Run is a great sport on its own with National and International events. You can do as much or as little as you like, but all the events are great to watch and take part in.



Hungarian born Lajos has Modern Pentathlon running in his veins. He has coached at the highest level in Hungary and continues to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of athletes here in the UK. Lajos is happy working with beginners up to elite athletes. His enthusiasm is contagious.

“As long as the person is happy it does not matter what level they are performing at, it is good that pentathlon can provide activity for leisure as well as at a professional level”.

Lajos still competes regularly at Masters events and is a very successful Masters Athlete representing Team GB. He is also an Everyone Active Sporting Champion.

Coach & Mentor: DENISE SILK

Denise is the current Modern Pentathlon, Laser Run & Triathle Masters European and World Champion.

An Everyone Active Sporting Champion. Denise got the pentathlon bug after taking her daughter Amy along to training sessions. Amy is also still an actively competing Pentathlete.